Save Money with Zeem

Zeem Solutions is a Transportation-as-a-Service company.

Our mission is to transform the way fleets operate by providing an affordable solution for zero emission transportation that improves air quality within our communities. 

Zeem’s Depots are Hubs for Fleets of All Kinds

One Monthly Price Includes:

Long-term leases of zero emission Class 2b to 8 vehicles

Supervised overnight charging for resident fleets

Opportunity charging for high-mileage fleets

Secure parking for fleet vehicles

Vehicle service, maintenance, and cleaning

Lounge space for drivers

Why Transportation-as-a-Service?

One Monthly Price…

Zeem owns and operates chargers at strategically located depots. Zeem’s fleet customers pay a monthly lease that includes zero-emission vehicle leasing (class 2b-8), charging, servicing, maintenance, and parking. Drivers arrive in the morning to pick up a clean, fully charged vehicle and return at the end of their shift to drop off the vehicle.

Depots as Clean Transportation Hubs

The depot is available for opportunity charging during the day for our customer fleets and for others on a contract basis. Zeem has resident technicians to provide service, preventative maintenance, and temporary replacement vehicles to ensure that fleets’ operations run smoothly.

Where are We Now?

We currently have an operational depot near LAX and our first customers began operating out of that depot in December 2021. This site has nearly 8MW of charging power and will be able to support 200 commercial electric vehicles onsite and hundreds more through opportunity charging.

What’s Next?

Zeem is deploying in strategic locations across the US. Our near-term pipeline of depots will be developed adjacent to major corridors, port gateways and transportation centers. In addition to growing the Zeem depot network, we plan to expand our offerings at existing and future locations.

Paul Gioupis

Paul Gioupis

Co-Founder & CEO

Driven by his passion to bring EVs to all, Paul is Zeem’s co-founder & CEO and has been a vital part of the EV ecosystem for 20 years. Paul founded Zeem to accelerate commercial EV adoption by providing solutions that make it easy for small businesses. Paul has been successful by working collaboratively, instead of competitively, with proven industry leaders. This spirit of working together to give everyone access to clean energy and air runs through everything Zeem does.

Bruce Shalett

Bruce Shalett


As chairman of Zeem, Bruce’s primary role is to ensure that Zeem’s small fleet customers have the best, most affordable financing options to convert to electric. After several decades of creating value for companies, as an entrepreneur, an investor, a board director and advisor, Bruce’s deep experience in management consulting, private equity and venture capital investing plays a valuable part in bringing the economic value Zeem customers want and need.

Tom Gage

Tom Gage

Chief Technology Advisor

A staunch EV driver for almost 3 decades, Tom is dedicated to opening the doors for EVs for all drivers on the road. Overseeing the development and dissemination of Zeem’s value proposition for fleet operators of all flavors, he helps turn the company’s imaginative concepts into reality. Hailing from various electric vehicle technology companies including EV Grid, Inc., and AC Propulsion, Inc., Tom has built rich supplier relationships with automotive OEMs worldwide, formerly holding executive positions in Chrysler’s Regulatory Strategy Office, and SRI International’s Global Automotive Practice.

Don Peer

Don Peer

VP of Sales

After 20 years of working in sales and operations, Don knows that success begins with a deep understanding of his customers’ needs. This foundational approach has translated in deep relationships with fleet operators across the U.S. who depend on Don and his team at Zeem to meet their TCO requirements as they scale their businesses to bring EV fleets to all communities. His passion for the environment and the electrification of our country’s fleets have made him an instrumental EV advocate.

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